What is better a filter or the real photo captured by the camera on auto focus ?

Hubby and I like to eat our evening meal outside on the
verandah overlooking the little lake and pier ,
at our holiday accomodation.
This is the same time that the native birds come
into feed on the Grevilleas .
Always in search of the best possible photo I have
the camera ready and more often then not, will abandon
my meal and go off taking photos.
We stayed out a bit later the other night and I was
able to play with the changing light of dusk
My favourite shot is this one below.
No filter added. This was how my auto-focus camera captured the light.
I decided to trial some filters and the
following are the resulting photos.
I like them all but my favourite is the original
because it was a gift from my camera to me.

3 thoughts on “What is better a filter or the real photo captured by the camera on auto focus ?

    1. Your photos are beautiful without any filters. I am seeing this growing trend for people to add filters to their photographs and making some of them look very unrealistic. Hopefully just a passing trend. I use them to create graphic art images but then I don’t call that photography because it is added after the photograph has been taken. It is photo editing becuae it doesn’t involve great skill as a photographer and is a bit of an insult to those photographers who can take amazing images using their knowledge and camera only.

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