Texture Filters Play. Subject Bees.

Every winter my amazing Camellia tree bursts forth with masses of beautiful pale pink flowers.

The bees come in masses and I delight in watching them encase themselves amongst the stamens.

They remind me of little go-go dancers as they push their way through the stamen bars of the cage, into the centre. Busily carrying out the dance of nature before departing in search of the next flower.


This week I am spending hours in search of the most amazing bee photo.Often at the risk of getting stung.

They don’t like the click of the camera when I take a photo and will often come flying out and buzz around me to see what the danger is.

So far I haven’t ever been stung by an angry bee, upset about being disturbed from it’s very important tasks of cross pollination and nectar collection.

What I have discovered is that I need a new camera, capable of taking great macro shots. The autofocus camera we have is fantastic at panoramas but loses it with closeups.

The photo below would have been a great shot if the photo quality was better.

I love the idea of new life with the green shoot and the bee amongst the stamens.

My quest yesterday, was to see if there was a way with picmonkey’s filters to save this photo from the bin.


After using auto-correct to enhance the image, I was not confident that the photo could be improved.

I remembered that picmonkey has a textures overlay filter and decided to test them out.

The first one was a weave filter, which gives the photo a look of being printed on linen in the first shot.

A larger weave filter  in the second and third photos looks as if the photo is a tapestry embroidery.




For the two photos below, the texture filter I used was the metal texture.

The resulting pictures are very interesting and the texture overlay helps to distract from the poor quality of the original image.


I really love the resulting images and I can even imagine one or two as cushions in my future sewing room.




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