Rescuing a botched photograph.

The challenge was to improve the quality of this i-phone photo, below.

I took it this morning whilst out walking.

It was very sunny and the image has come out very poorly.

There is a bee in the stamens, which was supposed to be my subject.

I found it hard to be crouched down under a tree laden with flowers hosting busy bees.

Trying to get the right angle on my subject using an i-phone, put my hand dangerously close to my subject.

I don’t recommend anyone trying this.

It was amazing that I was not stung by the bees.

Next time I will use an automatic zoom on my camera.

Looking at the image now, I can see that the gumnuts, flowers and leaves are the main subjects.

I really like the effect of the blue sky in the background. 

Before sending it to the trash bucket, I thought that I would do some playing around with the filters on my photo editing program

I  really like my final result. 

IMG_1375 - Copy (2)

IMG_1375beefilteradjusted - Copy (2)

The gumnuts glowing are now the main focus of the image. I love the feathery effect of the light shining through the stamens and the dark image of the bee.

I chose to use a heavy black filter around the edges of the image, to contrast with the strong light of the gumnuts.

So with just a bit of fiddling with different filters, I was able to save

this image and create a something worthwhile.

So don’t assume that a photo needs to be trashed.

Play with your programs filters and a whole new picture might emerge.




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